The Wii generation

Yes, we’ve finally succumbed and bought a Wii yesterday. So far, the kids love it. Andrew worked up enough of a sweat that he had to change from jeans into shorts. Miss B (which is Kyra’s Mii avatar name too) is exceptionally good at Wii bowling and … wait for it … boxing.

Andrew’s created enough avatars (Miis) to field his own baseball team (another game included with purchase). They both love how interactive it is and it’s fun just to watch them.

We went to Game Stop yesterday evening to scout out what else was available for the Wii. While Bob and Andrew scoured the pre-owned games, Miss B discovered a moth. She chased it all through the store, determined to capture it and set it free. She was on its trail right up until it flew behind the cash register desk.

A few moments later, she came up to me, shoulders slumped, head bowed.

“Mommy,” she said, “they killed the moth.”

Yes, that’s right. The sales guys behind the register desk killed the moth. Dudes, didn’t you notice the little girl following it throughout your store? It’s not a video game and you don’t get points for killing it.

We left without buying anything.

Okay, so we had no intention of spending more money yesterday; we were just window shopping. Still.

We’re seriously considering Wii Fit. If you already have a robust workout routine, I’m not sure it would do that much. But it looks fun and a way to get started–with plenty of activities for kids with cabin fever come mid-winter.

So, that’s our Wii news. Anyone else have one? Have any good game suggestions?


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6 responses to “The Wii generation

  1. we just bought the wii fit about a week ago and i have been using it daily. i absolutely love it!!

  2. My DD would have taken those cashiers OUT for killing the moth. Seriously. It wouldn’t have been pretty.

    No Wii here. I want. DD wants. DH does NOT want…. and since he’s our source of income, he gets 51% of the vote.


  3. excorsism

    I suggest getting Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy. On another related note, I would have personally waited for the black Wii which hopefully should be out in a year or two; damn it.

  4. C would definitely recommend Zelda: Twilight Princess as well, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (C says Brawl doesn’t deserve the Teen rating – it’s milder), Okami and Cooking Mama for Kyra which is hysterical. C says emphatically that he does NOT recommend Cooking Mama, but his friend Kit and I both would. He also would second Super Mario Galaxy.

    Wii Fit is great fun to a certain extent, but it gets old after a while. Wii Sports is great fun for cabin fever. Wii Fit can also be good in terms of the boxing, step stuff, etc.

  5. Jenn

    We have a Wii and we LOVE it. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game. I haven’t even thrown a controller yet (and that’s saying something!).

    I also have the Wii fit. I actually like it quite a bit. It’s not a hugely strenuous workout (unless you’re seriously out of shape) but it does help get you started on a workout. I will say that it got me motivated to exercise more than anything else has before. The games on it are fun but get old fast (in my opinion, anyway).

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