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Geeking out over Glee

I watched the pilot of Glee last night. Yeah, I know, where have I been. Actually, I’ve been meaning to watch it since it aired three months ago. But, I don’t watch a lot of TV (okay, almost none). And I’m still holding a grudge against FOX for moving The X-Files from Friday night to Sunday night.

Certain shows belong on Friday night, and even if Glee is a Wednesday night show, it really belongs on a Friday. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I can now watch it then–or anytime I want, like the second show tonight. (It is permissible to watch a Friday show on a Saturday.)

Of course, there’s also the director’s cut of the pilot that also might be worth watching. Hmmm … I’m running out of days.

Anyway, who’s watching along with me? (I’ll forgive you if you’re not actually watching on Friday.) What do you think of Alyssa Rosenberg’s take in The Atlantic?

Glee, a new series on Fox, shows just how far portrayals of teen social life have evolved since the angst-ridden era of Breakfast Club.

Or is it simply the serious music/80s love going on? I wish FOX wasn’t being so stingy with videos. (Watch as I renew my grudge against FOX.)

But the extended trailer has a bit of the performance for Don’t Stop Believin’:

And the whole song is here. Enjoy!


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