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Are you scared yet?

Because I think you should be. Very, very scared:


In all honesty, the skeleton on the roof is really freaking me out.

In other spooky news, we’re giving away not one, but two ghostly 2009 Deb books over at Geek Girl. Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell and Give Up The Ghost by Megan Crewe are up for grabs.

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I wonder if they’re hiring

Of course, there’s the issue of the ear worm (you can thank me later–I’ve been humming this song for days).


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And now, the Boy Scout

He was all dressed up (if slightly wrinkled) for popcorn and wreath sales yesterday. Yes, it’s that time of year. Get your orders in.


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Karate girl

A self-portrait:


Karate can inflate the ears, but experts agree the condition is temporary

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My kids, they kick

We took the plunge this week and signed up for karate–all of us. Well, three of us so far (we may have to drag Bob to class kicking and screaming, but we’ll get him there).

Andrew took some karate when he was five or so. We stopped for various reasons (the school closed, he started other activities, and so on). But recently, he’s wanted to get back into it. Kyra’s wanted to try it. And–little known fact–I took tae kwon do for about four years when I was in college.

So today we all earned our white belts. Kyra was so excited she was quivering. But wow. I haven’t done so many round kicks in … twenty years. (Gah. Yes. I did the math on that one then immediately wished I hadn’t.)

Our instructor says that for me and Andrew it might actually be harder initially because of muscle memory. We know how to do the moves with precision and power and wear ourselves out faster.

Uh, yeah. He’s right. At least in my case.

In non-kicking news, Andrew got an A- on his paper (a comma splice, a few misspellings–it runs in the family). But the teacher’s comment was:

You have a great writing voice!

Sniff. I’m so proud.


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When life hands you lemons … or an early snowfall

Here’s one thing you can do:






After getting completely soaked, they came inside, drank hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, and played board games. It felt a lot like December instead of October. I’m hoping for a few nice days before Halloween since we haven’t made our annual Halloween movie yet.

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Now that’s *really* scary

If you thought our mad, mad, mad monster party was scary (see post below), you haven’t even experienced scary yet. 

Our backyard this morning.


I know. It’s not even the middle of October. Do you think if we pretend it isn’t there, it will simply go away?

In any event, we’re all prepared for a day of mini-hibernation. We have hot chocolate. We have creamy potato soup. We have two kinds of pudding cake. If we’re feeling up to it, maybe we’ll peek out tomorrow.

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