Once again, Polyvore makes my day

Ever have one of those days when the best thing about the day is that it’s Friday and the end of the work week?

Yeah, that’s been me, pretty much since Wednesday (except then, it wasn’t Friday, which made it all that much worse). Then, through the magic that is our 21st century technology, I was alerted to this:

It’s a Polyvore devoted to Bethany from The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading. And yeah, my mind boggled a little when I saw it. A thing of beauty and all that.

The little details are amazing and made me smile–like the Lara Croft image, and the T-wolves, and a fantastic cheer uniform, and, and, and … I could go on. Oh, the embedded music (told you I could go on). You’ll have to click through for that.

This is just the cutest thing EVER. I’m all set for the weekend now.

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