A nose for eggs

I do this every year. Every. Single. Year. I hide an egg right here:

And every single year, it’s one of the last eggs that the kids find. This year? Andrew was at the mantelpiece–the egg not three inches away from his nose–going through the stacking dolls as if I could’ve hidden an egg in there. And I stood there and repeated, “Your nose, right in front of your nose. Your nose.”

Eventually he got it.

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle”
— George Orwell

The weather is brilliant here. Usually it’s raining/snowing and freezing. And since Miss B had the extremely nutritious breakfast of chocolate bunny, I think maybe I’ll take the kids outside for some vitamin D. Plus, we need to get into walking shape for the Walk for Animals this year. 

Hope the weather is as nice where you are. Happy Spring, everyone!

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