Girl Drama

As part of the journal keeping book I’m reading (and class I’m taking along with it), we’re required to try experimental ways of keeping a journal for a week. This could include collecting quotes, writing a poem for each day, and so on.

This was my initial response to that:

One poem per day
Our journal class assignment
My brain may explode

 I wrote the following in response to something that went down in Kyra’s afterschool care program.

Girl Drama

A play no one wanted to hear
About five dogs and two cats, who live on the street.
In winter.

Only one friend came to the audition.
The others wanted to make changes. Six dogs! All different breeds! Does it have to be winter?
I’m reminded of H.G. Wells and his quote about the passion to alter someone else’s draft.

No one will ever know if the five stray dogs and two stray cats ever find a home.
They’ll stay on the street. Forever. In winter.
The playwright had too many tears and couldn’t tell me how it ends.


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3 responses to “Girl Drama

  1. Karin Collins

    Telll Kyra that 5 dogs & 2 cats on the street in winter has drama built in. It is so much better than the alternative . She is imaginative and I hope she doesn’ let her friends take that edge away & make her dull.

  2. Abby

    Oh so sad! 😦 Mom is right. She has vision.

  3. Have I told you lately how much I love that girl?

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