What I did this weekend

Cover of "Deep Down Popular"

Cover of Deep Down Popular

What I did, the weekend edition:

  1. Took two karate classes
  2. Baked banana bread
  3. Did the laundry
  4. Finished reading a novel (Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone)
  5. Finished writing a novel

Yes, the first draft of what I’m calling Speechless (even though I wrote a short story with the same title–actually, the short story inspired the novel) is done.

This is less impressive when you learn that the word count is only 32,000. I did that on purpose. This is an upper middle grade/tween novel and that length gives me plenty of room for revisions. I can comfortably add 10,000 words and not freak the freak out about word count.

And of course, during all this, the kids were messing around with Andrew’s video camera on the back deck. They set it up on a tripod so it was pointed right at me (we have a series of glass doors/windows that face the backyard). Then they would knock on the door and run away (but, thanks to all that glass, I could see them–so yeah, not very subtle). Once, I stepped out on the deck and said something to the camera about trying to write.

Later, they holed up in a bedroom to watch their masterpiece with much giggling.

So, if you’re imaging me in some idyllic writer’s paradise … um, yeah, not so much. It’s me, the cooling banana bread, the dog wanting to go outside, and the kids turning me into their own reality show.

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