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When people used to carry rotary phones in their pockets

So, the other day I was flipping through an old manuscript (and by flipping, I mean electronically and by old, I mean, the first one), when I noticed an odd sort of quirk.

Every time (and I do mean every time) I mention a cell phone in the narrative, I made sure to spell it out, as in: cellular phone. Okay, once or twice I used mobile phone.

But. Yeah. I don’t know if I received some sort of feedback (and this would be about ten years ago) that indicated people might be confused if I didn’t spell out cellular phone, but there it is. Every. Single. Time. Apparently my aim was clarity.

The quirk is so very obvious, at least to my eye and after all these years. It’s funny how a manuscript can age in ways you don’t expect. Of course, today, I could write: He pulled the phone from his pocket and started texting his best friend.

Is that a princess phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

And no one is confused or imagining that he carries a rotary phone in his pocket. But back in the day?

Apparently a few of us were very confused about phones.

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