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25 Days of Debs: day 11 wait … that’s me!

Day 11 of 25 Days of Debs and we hit my story in the table of contents. I know. 11-11-11 is some kind of lucky.

My Firsts:

Anthology story: The Trouble With Firsts

First line:

The first time I rode a rollercoaster, I ended up with vomit in my shoes.

First dates, prom, and humiliation–not necessarily in that order.

2009 Debut: Hint: see the sidebar

The Trouble With Firsts story trivia: 

  • This story represents the first time I’ve written something on contract. That is, I agreed to write the story and signed the paperwork long before I had even a glimmer of an idea. And sure, no panic was involved with that.
  • I brainstormed a whole bunch of firsts, but an idea hit me while I was unloading the dishwasher.
  • The first time I saw the cover art, I knew I had to work that dress into the story somehow.
  • The story begins and ends with vomit. (I know. Romantic.) I may have taken that sage writing advice “the end is in the beginning” a little too literally.

Remember, The First Time is available for Kindle and Nook.


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I’ll return to 25 Days of Debs later today. First, I thought it important to quietly observe this day.

That is all.

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