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2012: 50 books, 50 movies + me

I may be crazy, but I’ve signed up for a second reading–or should I say, reading and watching–challenge for 2012. So here’s the deal. In 2012 I will read at least fifty books and attempt to watch fifty movies.

Clearly, I’m more confident about the books (just finished book 67 last night for 2011) than I am movies (um … last movie I watched … yeah, I’m drawing a blank, unless you count the last part of Aquamarine that I watched with Kyra).

But after really thinking about it, I realized that a challenge where you sit back and relax for ~ 2 hours each week is probably a good thing. Between the stack of DVDs I have and streaming on my Kindle Fire, I am pretty much set for this.

Plus, I can totally combine this challenge with the War Through the Generations one. All in all, it looks like I will be thoroughly entertained in 2012.

So, anyone else with me? For more info, click on the image above. Or here. That works too.


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