2012: 50 books, 50 movies + me

I may be crazy, but I’ve signed up for a second reading–or should I say, reading and watching–challenge for 2012. So here’s the deal. In 2012 I will read at least fifty books and attempt to watch fifty movies.

Clearly, I’m more confident about the books (just finished book 67 last night for 2011) than I am movies (um … last movie I watched … yeah, I’m drawing a blank, unless you count the last part of Aquamarine that I watched with Kyra).

But after really thinking about it, I realized that a challenge where you sit back and relax for ~ 2 hours each week is probably a good thing. Between the stack of DVDs I have and streaming on my Kindle Fire, I am pretty much set for this.

Plus, I can totally combine this challenge with the War Through the Generations one. All in all, it looks like I will be thoroughly entertained in 2012.

So, anyone else with me? For more info, click on the image above. Or here. That works too.


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4 responses to “2012: 50 books, 50 movies + me

  1. Difficult…but possible. I failed last year, could hardly read a dozen through the year…

  2. Cassie

    What if it was 50 books turned into movies. Sheesh. Just read books with movies that you may want to see. I recommend The Time Traveler’s Wife. 🙂

  3. Gary Bell

    A little under a book a week sounds like a fun challenge. I can do the movie side of it as I watch at least one a week anyway. They are my favorite way of relaxing.

    I’m going to have to get more books. I’m getting a kindle for Christmas, or just after, so I have no excuse for space being an issue with all the books they hold, but the prices they put those things at concern me. They do charge way over the odds for some kindle books, so I decided to do a bit of research into what they should cost, http://garybell.co.uk/tech/what-should-e-books-cost

    Still, 2012 will be a year of more reading for me.

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