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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 14 the one where I look ahead

Week 14! I spent some of my writing time this week revising a story to send out (it’s next week’s sub 1), and looking at the handful of stories I want to send out this month.

One, I’d like to have some new stories making the rounds. Two, I’m running out of stories to submit. (I have 18 pieces out at the moment, some duplicates, but still, I need more stories) Three, there are some submission deadlines I’d really like to hit. All that adds up to more revision.

Also, this week, I sent out my first reprint submission. We’ll see how that goes.

Additionally, I spent some time reviewing the calendar for the next three months. We. Are. So. Busy. I still hope to stay on track with Write 1/Sub 1, but I’m not going to stress about trying to write ALL THE THINGS. Some things will just have to wait.


  • Market Day, ~ 4,000 words.


  • The Madness in King’s End


  • The Madness in King’s End
  • Pitch contest
  • The Burden of So Many Roses to a reprint market (!)


  • None

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