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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 21 the one with a long weekend

Week 21! I’m still working on Pansy, as you can see. I’m maintaining a good pace–not writing so much that I burn out, but enough that I don’t get all twitchy, either.

I’m also all signed up for The Southeast Review’s 30-Day Writer’s Regimen, which starts next Saturday.

And … I wrote a blog post that wasn’t a check in, so there’s that as well.



  • Leap of Faith
  • The Short Sweet Life of My Invisible Prom Date ~ very nice rejection from UFO2 anthology. Not quite funny enough, but Alex did call it a beautiful story. He invited me to submit something else, but I have nothing that is both speculative and funny. Maybe by the time UFO3 rolls around.


  • The Short Sweet Life of My Invisible Prom Date ~x2. Since this came back in a day, I decided to send it back out again.


  • None


I got the most charming sorry you didn’t win, but … note about The Life Expectancy of Fireflies:

Although the four finalists have been selected from the sea of talented entries, we wanted to let you know that your piece sparked conversation between the editors and is still being considered for possible publication online. With that in mind, we ask that you hang in there like a kitten on a tree branch while we sort the details out. Thanks for participating. You are magical.

I haven’t heard back yet, so we’ll see what we’ll see, won’t we.


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