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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 35 the one with the August wrap up

Week 35! I was a submitting fool this week again, catching a few markets before they closed at the end of August. Total for August? Nine stories submitted and I wrote five. Not a bad way to wrap up the summer.

I also got my write 1 in for the week, another flash challenge assignment, which was:

Sci Fi / A luxury spa / a wig

This actually gave me more to work with–maybe too much more, since it came in at ~ 2,000 words. But I really liked where the story was going and I’m not one to look a gift story in the mouth.

No rejections or acceptances this week, but one of the stories I sent out did make the first round cut for an anthology. Now it’s simply a matter of waiting. Fortunately, that was one of the skills I perfected in the Army.


  • Inside Out¬†~ 2,000 words


  • Ghost in the Coffee Machine ~ short listed
  • Straying from the Path
  • The Patron Saint of Lost Things


  • None


  • None

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