Write 1/Sub 1 check in: the one with lots of words

W1S1 2014 - Monthly ChallengeA few rejections (one of which I sent right back out again), lots of writing, and that was about it for this week. And yet, I feel as if so much has happened. Things have, but those things have been in the world of the story, not real life. 

So … yeah. I can’t exactly tell you about my fictional people and the myriad of fictional problems they have. Also, I should probably admit that what I have on my hands is definitely a novel, since I’m sitting at 47,000 words total so far, and the end? Not quite in sight.

Writing Work:

  • The Time After ~8,637 words


  • The Life Expectancy of Fireflies


  • The Life Expectancy of Fireflies
  • Doreen’s Muse


  • None


  • None


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3 responses to “Write 1/Sub 1 check in: the one with lots of words

  1. I pray that something comes soon! What is your writing schedule like? I need to develop a strong one because my time gets taken away by social media. SMH…I’ve been writing and doing some freelance things for other people it’s time now for me to focus on my writing and getting a writing job. Prayerfully something will come for us! Great post.

    • I treat my writing time like I do exercise. I work out first thing in the morning. I write during my lunch hour. It sounds simple, but it can be tough until the actions because a habit vs. a decision you make. I don’t decide to exercise. It’s 5:30 a.m. (blame my days in the Army, LOL), so I exercise. I don’t decide to write. It’s 12:00, so I write. Even if you start with only fifteen minutes, you’ll soon build a nice, solid word count. Give it a try!

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