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Weekly writing check-in: the one with some time

Sucker Literary Magazine Vol 3

This week I had time on my hands, so to speak. My YA speculative fiction novelette (that’s a mouthful) Just a Matter of Time was published in Sucker Literary Magazine Volume 3.

And speaking of time, I figured it was about time I send out some submissions this month.  I feel better now that my submission tracker is plumped up. I also have a great deal of orange in there as well (which means I’ve been waiting–for a while–on several stories).

The funny thing about not submitting on a weekly basis? You start to second guess yourself and your stories. As long as the story is appropriate for the market (for instance, don’t send your sweet romance to a market that only takes dark horror) and submitted the way they like, the editor is the best judge of what he/she wants.

Writing Work:

  • The Time After ~6,113 words


  • Doreen’s Muse
  • Abandonment Issues
  • Five to Freedom
  • What Little Remains


  • Five to Freedom


  • None



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