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Weekly writing check-in: the one with the talking Valentine

So, I was very excited to see hear The Burden of So Many Roses¬†in audio in time for Valentine’s Day. I figured it would go live right about that time, but it was still a nice surprise.

Otherwise, just a touch over 9,000 words this week. No subs or anything. I’m itching to switch to short fiction for a while, but my stories¬†keep morphing into longer things (current project word count: ~70,000 words). Maybe once this current story is done. Maybe.

Writing Work:

  • Writing ~ 9,202 words


  • None


  • None


  • None


rosesThe Burden of So Many Roses is live for your listening pleasure. Generally, I have a tough time reading/listening to my work once it’s out in the world, but Tina is incredible. Go give her a listen. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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