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Weekly writing check-in: the one with ghost writing

Giving up the Ghosts

Well, I am staying on track with the ghost writing. And by ghost writing, I mean writing stories about ghosts (and coffee) and not writing a story for someone else to publish.

Here’s what I hope to do with all this ghost writing. I am structuring these stories as a serial. Each story will be a standalone piece (or so I hope) but also support an overall story arc.

In that way, it’s like a television series with episodes. You can jump in mid-season, but it’s probably more fun to catch all the shows from the beginning.

And I have a new-found respect for television writers. Because writing this way? Let’s just say it’s … challenging. So far in the series I have:

I even have the description for Giving Up the Ghosts ready to go:

Katy Lindstrom has used coffee to catch ghosts since she was five years old–a handy skill in a town with an overabundance of spirits. Now Katy wants to make her newly-minted ghost-hunting business thrive. Never mind that her partner, Malcolm Armand, is her former rival, not to mention a bit … distracting.

When a routine ghost eradication ends in disaster, clues point to someone close to Malcolm. But something sinister lurks in Springside Township, something Katy’s never encountered in all her years of ghost hunting, and something that has her doubting all her skills.

It will take more than high-end beans and the perfect cup of coffee this time around. It will take trust and teamwork and possibly a sacrifice Katy’s not ready to make.

Now that it’s out there, I guess I have to finish the series. Just another way to keep myself honest.

Writing Work:

  • Narrative Design class (almost done–story workshop week)
  • Calvino class
  • Writing ~ 4,740 words


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  • Incriminating Evidence


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