Weekly writing check-in: the one with the flu

Jr. High Rainbow

So I thought I dodged getting my daughter’s “flu-like virus” (as her doctor described it). No such luck. It hit me hard on Sunday afternoon. So hard that I’m afraid to go look at what I wrote in my blog last week.

I pretty much gave up on being productive for the rest of the day and into the week. Instead, I binge-watched The Expanse, which was surprisingly therapeutic.

But … I did feel better as the week went on. I did the final listening proof on An Army of Toads and sent it on its way. I did some research on the new series, attended the monthly Truby class, and noodled about with a new project, which may not turn into anything. So, I’ll refer to it as the noodle project for now. At some point I will be more specific than that.

Also! I’ll be going to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival! I received my confirmation letter and one from my instructor. I’m only attending a weekend workshop, but I’m very excited.

Bullet Journal update: I’m liking it. I’m cautiously optimistic about it as well.

Writing Work:

  • Planning/researching new series
  • Noodle project
  • Truby class


  • An Army of Toads


  • None


  • None


  • None


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2 responses to “Weekly writing check-in: the one with the flu

  1. so sorry to hear you’ve been ill… does it help to know you’re part of a greater trend (our county health rep says the flu around here has had a sudden, and late, resurgence as well)? Well, maybe not. Sure hope you’re feeling better soon.

    It is an odd bit of synchronicity, though to hear that you’ve been watching The Expanse. We watched our first episode this very evening. M. loves it. Little m. and I are intrigued, but not entirely sure why. Looking forward to watching more later this week.

    And, how exciting about getting to attend the Iowa Summer Writing Festival — congratulations!

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