But where will the vacuum live?

Bloganuary: What irritates you about the home you live in?

Our house was built in the late 80s and still has some of the décor to prove it. (We did finally rid the kitchen of the pink and green wallpaper—a major achievement.)

I’m not sure what the builders were thinking, but while there’s storage space and closets, there’s no good spot for storing upright cleaning equipment—like a vacuum.

The house still had wall-to-wall carpet when we bought it (with dusky pink borders). You’d think someone would’ve paused, looked around, and realized the vacuum needed a place to live.

But really, it’s a minor irritation, and at some point, we’ll rid ourselves of the last vestiges of the 80s. In the meantime, the vacuum will stand sentry, tucked away in one corner of the bedroom, constantly reminding me that I still need to vacuum something.

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  1. [May be a duplicate, apologies; from here, it doesn’t look like the comment I just wrote ever got saved.]

    Oh man, I feel you on this. We have similar issues, but, since we built the place ourselves, we have only ourselves to blame (which makes me reluctant to post about this question on my own blog). There are plenty of issues with the space that could make a person wonder: what were we thinking?

    For example, we have no place for a television set in our living room area. Not that we watch much television, but when we do, we have to roll it out of the entryway coat closet — which, until I bought a garment rack this summer didn’t have any place for hanging coats or storing a vacuum — on a cart my husband hacked together out of 2x4s and caster wheels. Ideal? No. But it works, and I’m starting to learn: if it works, leave it alone.

    Our appliance story, though? Well, that’s an epic, and a bit of a tragedy. Someday I might be ready to tell it all…

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