Tangled up in green

Bloganuary: What color describes your personality and why?

If you had asked about my favorite color from the time when I could answer that question, I would have said blue.

But I don’t think blue describes my personality.

What does describe my personality has been there from the start, in the author bio I’ve been using for publications:

Charity Tahmaseb has slung corn on the cob for Green Giant and jumped out of airplanes (but not at the same time).

She spent twelve years as a Girl Scout and six in the Army; that she wore a green uniform for both may not be a coincidence.

No, probably not a coincidence. What it is, though? I’m not sure.  

But green feels right, and that’s the answer I’m going with.


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2 responses to “Tangled up in green

  1. Lots of green there, for sure (not to mention in the titles of your recent blog posts). Signals capability, hopefulness, growth. Sounds right to me.

  2. A salute from a fellow veteran with appreciation for your delightful post about “green.” I have not written that bloganuary post yet but will when I figure out how best to connect it with my blog’s theme.

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