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Because everybody loves a makeover

OR what I’ve been doing other than blogging.


If you’re thinking to yourself, wow, that’s a lot of pink landscaping rock, well, you’d be right. It’s pink landscaping rock my daughter and I decided to remove by hand.

I’ll pause while you laugh.

Also, if you’re thinking pink rocks are the glitter of the landscaping world (we’re never getting rid of all of them), you’d be right as well.

I suppose the pink combined with the green hostas was a design aesthetic for a hot minute sometime in 1988. Mind you, the design and the rocks came with the house.


I mean, clearly, we have nothing against pink. And sure, we could divide those hostas. They’re like super-hostas. They’ve been going strong for years decades without any intervention. At this point, I’m a little superstitious about doing anything with them.

Honestly, I think they’ll just continue to grow, become sentient, and take over the world. And really, we might all be better for it.

Timelapse of the project


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Of writing tears and garden friends

So, I’ve been on a patented Jo March writing tear (I really need to get a writing cap like Jo has). This is on the new book (series, duology—your guess is as good as mine) I mentioned a while back.

It is coming along, which is all I’m going to say at this point in the project.

Mattie and Oscar helping in the garden.

In other (wonderful) news: Spring. Has. Sprung.

We are planting, haphazardly, it’s true. Despite taking the master gardening course, I will most likely remain a haphazard gardener.

So, yes, that’s an entire flat of zinnias you see. No, I have no idea where I’m going to plant an entire flat of zinnias. It’s true our eyes are much bigger than our garden space.

Toad resting beneath an eggplant.
Squirrel despondent since I replaced the birdseed feeder with the hummingbird one.


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