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And the beat goes on

So, yesterday, Miss B and Bob came back from Home Depot. On the ride home, Kyra discovered a new song on the radio. Bob said, “Tell Mommy what you heard.” And Miss B sang:

Girls just want to have some fun!

That’s right. Cyndi Lauper was playing, specifically, this:

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (link only, I can’t embed it).

Check out the awesome choreography at the 1:30 mark. They dont’ make videos like that anymore. Because she enjoyed that so much, I introduced her to the Go-Go’s:

She really liked this one. Once Bob left the room, we danced around like Belinda Carlisle, which isn’t all that difficult but isn’t something you necessarily want others to see. All that was missing were the off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, leggings, and giant earrings.

Ah, 80s pop music–bridging generations.


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