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Singing, and dancing, in the rain

Andrew is away at camp, so Kyra and I have planned a certain amount of “girls together” time. This means I’m constantly in search of movies-you-can-show-your-four-year-old that I can stand to watch.

For two nights, we’ve been watching Singin’ in the Rain. I’m afraid this wasn’t as successful as Much Ado About Nothing, although Kyra really liked it when anyone danced. Her favorite was the Donald O’Connor Make ‘Em Laugh number.

Then there’s this:

Your hat, I believe.

I’m not one to bemoan the “good old days.” Some were good, some not so good. But damn, doesn’t Cyd Charisse put today’s bobble-headed, tanorexic starlets to shame? She doesn’t just shame them, she kicks their scrawny, tanorexic butts.  I want to hand people their hats this way.

She bulldozers Gene Kelly in this number, and he’s no slouch, let me tell you. Maybe it’s an age thing, but watching the movie this time around, I’m thinking good old Gene puts the “awe” in hawt. And I promise to stop spelling it that way, too.



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