Daily Archives: July 26, 2007

Where have all the envelopes gone?

Andrew is at camp and I’ve been writing him a letter every day. I end by pasting in a picture I hope he’ll like: our dog, Sparky, Naruto, Pokemon. So, last night, after finding a nifty picture of Naruto and Saske (if you have to ask, you don’t need to know, trust me on this), I reached for an envelope.


There were none.


Zero, nada, nothing. I couldn’t even find the loathsome lick-it-yourself-to-seal variety.

This is tragic because at the end of May (that would be this May) I bought three boxes of 45 each. 3 x 45 = 135.

I used 135 envelopes between May and July? For real? I mean, I know the super secret double probation hotdish project took a lot, but still.


Unless, of course, envelopes are in collusion with socks, especially kid socks. That would explain a lot.


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