Overhead: the backseat

After much tearing of trading card wrapper:

Kyra: Oh! So beautiful! Mama loves you!

Insert big wet kissing sound.

What, you may ask, can inspire such devotion? I give you Brisi, from Bella Sara:


Bella Sara = My Little Pony on steroids

Overheard: Perkins

Customer: Could we get some cutlery?
Waitress: What?
Customer: Cutlery.
Waitress (shaking head): What?
Customer (mimicking cutting with knife and fork): Cutlery. 
Waitress: Oh! You want silverware.

Waitress (returning a few moments later): Here you go. What was that word again?
Customer: Cutlery.
Waitress: I’ve never heard anyone use that word around here before.
Customer: Oh, we’re from Canada.
Waitress: Well, that probably explains it.

Moral: Watch out for those linguistically tricky Canadians.


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3 responses to “Overheard

  1. You’re joking about the cutlery thing, right?

    Dear heavens.

    And my DD is seriously jealous of your DD’s pony.

  2. Oh, these were very cheering tales… and I needed cheering, too. Thanks!

  3. Jen

    Big smiles with these! I talked to a hospital person the other day because they sent my Danish son’s bill to our house and she wanted to know whether Denmark was a city or a state… grrr…

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