More revision brain

Ah, I love the smell of revisions in the morning. Smells like coffee and a brand new scene from Darcy in my inbox. Okay, so maybe it was closer to the noon smell of revisions.

Darcy and I chatted yesterday and that really helps, hashing out what it is we need to do and how we’re going to do it. Of course, sometimes we get stymied, like when we search for the perfect song that would cause a geek girl cheerleader some embarrassment to dance to. We had “the stripper song,” which most people know, if you hum a few bars.

Problem is, you can’t hum a few bars in a manuscript. So we considered:

  • Hot in Herre, by Nelly, and yes it’s spelled that way.
  • I’m Too Sexy (for My Shirt), by Right Said Fred, and yes, that’s a real band. They’re British.
  • Baby Got Back, by Sir Mix-a-Lot, popular, has staying power, but controversial (you don’t say!)

We went with I’m Too Sexy (for My Shirt), since even Andrew knows that one (it’s in one of the Shrek movies). But we’re open to suggestions.

Today, Kyra helped out around the house. She cleaned the bathroom (with a washcloth and water–I don’t give her toxic cleaning supplies). She folded laundry. Sort of. It’s difficult when some of the laundry is bigger than you are. And she gave me a makeover: 


You only wished you looked this good and had a little smiley friend in your hair.I’m thinking of using this if/when I need an author photo.


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7 responses to “More revision brain

  1. I think at this point I might actually have a little friend in my hair. I’m not sure he’s smiling though. 😉

  2. I think that would make a wonderful author pic!

    What about “It’s getting hot in here”? I can’t remember who did that one…

    I know it’s still big at high school dances, though.

  3. I think it would make a great author pic, too! Green eyes! Lucky girl! And who doesn’t need a friendly smile in their hair — now there’s a great hair day!

    Just the mention of dancing would embarrass me. I’m blushing even now. Not a good person to ask.

  4. Charity

    Jen, I think you mean the Nelly song we have listed. It was a contender.

    And sadly, I don’t have green eyes. I guess tinted contacts were part of my makeover, which also included a large amount of sugar vanilla lip gloss. Although, I think I’d trade in the green eyes for the little friend in my hair.

  5. So… do I lose points if I admit I’ve never heard anything by Nelly? Hey, what’s that song, “Whose got a big ole butt?” LOL…

    Happy revisions….

    Bet you haven’t read Pregnancy Cravings yet. Have you? LOL…

  6. I wondered if that was the Nelly song… gads, I’m SO out of it.

  7. Darcy

    Is Kyra available to do my author image too? I already have the green eyes, but I could really do with happier hair.

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