Conversations with my kids

This past weekend, Andrew discovered Back to the Future. Yes, that Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox. Andrew was so enthralled, he watched the entire trilogy. He liked the first and third one the best. According to him, the second is “a little weird.” Very astute.


I was telling him how I first saw the original in the movie theater. At the end, the DeLorean lifts into the air and Doc Brown says, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Then zoom! Bright headlights and fade to black. I told Andrew the theater erupted into spontaneous applause.


He gave me a funny for real? look.


“It was the 80s,” I said. “We did stuff like that.”


A few days later, after his second viewing of the first movie, he said to me. “You know what, Mommy? I should’ve clapped.”


In my pursuit of all things Geek Girl’s Guide revision-related, I spent sometime on the Scrabble website. (Ha. Did you even know there was a Scrabble website?) Through a murky path I can’t quite recall, I ended up on a Hasbro sponsored site that happens to have something I can only refer to as “Fashion Girl” stuff (mainly because I don’t know what it is).


Guess who discovered this site with me? Yes, America’s next top model, Miss B. We gave our “best friend” a makeover. Then, we made our own fashion magazine. Kyra called it: Fashion Designs, with the tagline: best fashions in the world by Kyra.


She had trouble thinking up a name for the cover model, so we called her “Fashion Girl.” And when you think of it, if we could refer to all fashion models this way, life would be so much simpler.


Then we filled in Fashion Girl’s Q&A:

  • Pet? Fashion Girl owns a pet rat named Igloo.

  • Favorite colors? Pink, Purple, Blue

  • Favorite Author?


Kyra asked, “What’s an author?”


“That’s someone who writes books. So, who is Fashion Girl’s favorite book writer?”


Kyra shifted on my lap and smiled up at me. “You.”


Ah, it’s true. Admired by rat-loving fashion models everywhere.


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3 responses to “Conversations with my kids

  1. What? Rat-loving fashion models weren’t the audience you were aiming for?

    These snippets of conversations with your kids are so much fun … I hope you’re planning to find a home for them in one of your books someday.

  2. But think about what an interesting fan base that would be!

    BTW… my Japanese daughter is studying to be a fashion journalist and is part of running an online fashion magazine. Would Miss B like to find out what she does? She really likes kids and might be happy to e-mail or send pictures or something.

  3. Darcy

    Awwww. That’s it. Just awwwwwwww ❤


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