When I’m a mom, I’ll miss you

I’m blogging today over at The Wet Noodle Posse site, on word of mouth.

Last night, I was writing with Kyra on my lap (something I used to do with Andrew as well). She was busy picking out all the k’s I used, her favorite letter, for obvious reasons. Then, out of the blue, she said, “When I’m a mom, I’ll miss you.”

“Because we won’t live in the same house?” I asked.

She nodded.

“But we’ll visit,” I said.

Kyra agreed, making elaborate plans to live in the house we’re living in now. That way, I’ll always be able to find her.

“You’ll have to tell me how to get to your new house,” she said.

I promised I would.

“When I’m a mom,” she said, “will you be a grandma?”

“I will. And your kids will be my grandchildren.”

She nodded. I wrote and she placed her hands on mine, so we typed together, both thinking about that time when she will be a mom.

And how I’ll miss her.


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3 responses to “When I’m a mom, I’ll miss you

  1. Sometimes a story is worth a 1000 pictures. What a treasure this one is!

  2. Well crap. You made me cry.

  3. Jen

    Awe… so sweet. I grew up in an apartment building, so my grand scheme was to live in an apartment in the same building, so every time I had to light a match for the stove or whatever, my mommy could come do it because I was afraid of fire. I was much more mercenary than Kyra, lol. Lovely, lovely story.

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