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News of the bookish variety

So … yeah, as Andrew would say. We got the word that The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading is a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest, in the young adult category.

Since I put my home phone (and not my cell) on the contest entry form, the coordinator emailed me to tell us the news. This is maybe just as well, since for a few moments, I forgot how to type. On the phone, I would’ve been all: Dude, no way! (And really, I don’t think you’re supposed to refer to contest coordinators as dude.)

So, when I sent Darcy the news, I asked her for a squee. She saw my squee and raised me a woot.

Anyway, we’re stoked here at Geek Girl central, and check out the other YA finalists:

  • Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle
  • The ABC’s of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro
  • Spring Breakup by Stephanie Hale
  • Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills

That’s some fine, fine company to be in. Plus, I first met Tricia when we both were finalists for the Golden Heart waaaay back in 2003. It’s neat that both our debut YA novels are finalists together now.

(Oh, and to my horror, I’ve just done the 2010 – 2003 math. Oy. Apropos to yesterday’s post with Jasper Fforde.)


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Win Heartbreak River

heartbreakriverOver on the Geek Girl’s Guide this week, we’re giving away an autographed copy of Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills. It’s her debut YA novel.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog entry. That’s it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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You can feel the (micro) tension

I’m blogging today over at the Wet Noodle Posse blog, on micro tension ala Donald Maass and Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. So far, I appear to be one of the few people on the planet who prints out her manuscript multiple times to edit. I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with me.


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Weave it and read

I went on a serious writing tear this weekend. Serious. Tear. I think there’s a light at the end of the third draft tunnel (and I’ll refrain from making oncoming train jokes). I have a crucial bit of back story to weave in, along with some minor edits, then I’ll be looking for victims, suckers, beta readers for the third draft.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to read, I’ve discovered two new WordPress blogs:

The First Book has interviews with authors of … first books. I was happy to discover it took Jay Asher twelve years and that he felt he’d been writing in the wrong genre. I think this is a far more common mistake than a lot of writers realize.

On the other hand, I have much hate for Mark Henry. (Kidding. If Mark Henry happens upon this blog–unlikely–please know, I have nothing but hearty congratulations for you.)

Over at Elves Among Us, Esri Rose has been mining gems (sometimes quite literally) from eBay. Today’s not to be missed offering: Incubus Possessed Ring.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one.


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Goals, resolutions, and peeking at 2008

You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you’re left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you’re right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Jill over at The Wet Noodle Posse has a great post on matching goal setting to your brain/learning type. It’s worth a read, especially if you’ve tried goal setting and it hasn’t worked for you.

But what do I do with that 50/50 split? It probably explains why I do write a lot of things down. I like to get stuff on paper, but what I actually write looks a little chaotic.

For instance, when Darcy and I were brainstorming revisions for Geek Girl’s Guide, I made some “outline” notes that looked like this:

  • More parents
  • Scene between tryouts and results?
  • Or maybe? It is a truth boy–athlete talent want of morning oatmeal
    Geek stuff, lay of the land
    • tryouts
    • game store scene
    • results
    • home with parents
  • Test good pen?

Oddly, Test good pen has nothing to do with the outline or story. I was trying out a pen to see if I liked writing with it. But there it is, in all its glory, as part of the outline (it really does have its own bullet point). I’m not even sure these notes would make sense to Darcy, never mind anyone else.

I looked at my 2007 writing goals/resolutions. I didn’t keep a single one! But! That’s not necessarily a bad thing. At the start of 2007, I wasn’t planning on doing anything with Geek Girl’s Guide. I had a (small) start on MacKenna’s story, I hadn’t partnered up with Darcy, hadn’t even thought about taking that terrific children’s book writing class.

And so on.

What’s a goal setting girl to do? I did accomplish a lot, I think. Much more than what I wrote down at the start of the year.

Well, I ended up writing down some goals, more coherently than my outline above (sort of). I won’t bore you with all of them, but in summary:

  • Finish MacKenna (as in final draft finish)
  • Work on another book with Darcy (assuming she wants to–D, we should talk about this, no?)
  • Research for possible historical novel.

The rest? The rest I’m keeping flexible.


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Wet Noodle Posse: tips, contests, prizes, more!

I’m telling you, this is great stuff. Learn. Win prizes. Cure the common cold. It’s all there on The Wet Noodle Posse site this year:

The Wet Noodle Posse had such a great time with our month of Golden Heart prep that we’re giving away writing tips … one month at a time. In addition to book and critique giveaways, join Q&A sessions and read guest blogs from bestselling writers like Sherrilyn Kenyon and Gena Showalter.Check out our line-up of topics!

January-Getting Started (goals, choosing story idea, focus, etc.)
February-Character Development (names, physical descriptions, backstory, etc.)
April – Conflict
June-Business side of Writing (market, marketing, promotion, etiquette)
July-Prepping for Conference (both for national and smaller conferences)
August-Inspiration (for stories and for keeping yourself going)
September-Writer Health (physical and mental)
October-GH Preparation
November-Writing Challenges (NaNo, BIAW, turning off the internal editor, etc.)

Get great information in a fun community! Visit

You can enter to win Barnes and gift certificates by posting this news release on your blog or forwarding to a chapter/group e-mail loop or newsletter. To be eligible, e-mail the particulars of your forward/post to jillmonroe @ (no spaces) and post no later than January 20, 2008. A random drawing will determine the winner(s) of the gift certificates.


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How you got here

Here’s a few of the searches that brought people here: 

  • lots of writing about poor charity
  • Humpbacked lawyers

Seriously, people? What’s up with this. I’m pretty sure I’ve never blogged about lawyers, never mind those with humpbacks. And the other? My new motto: come for the (humpbacked) lawyers, stay for the self-pity.

In actual writing news, it looks like the Young Adult category for both the Golden Heart (unpublished) and the Rita (published) made their numbers. Every once in a while, I log into my RWA account and look at the contest entry page and gaze at my entries listed there. I know. I need a hobby.

Agent Donald Maass is letting you know what he’d like to see in a romance these days (I like the last one on the list–it’s a book I’d like to read, not necessarily write). Agent Nathan Bransford talks about December’s publishing coma. Agent Rachel Vater is getting back into blogging after switching agencies. She is already receiving queries for novels written during National Novel Writing Month. That would be last month. (Just reason 932 to hate NaNo. I’m still waiting for National Brain Surgery month. Think it will happen?)

And to end on a happy note, head on over to the Wet Noodle Posse blog. December is all about “The Call.” Mothers have birth stories, writers have call stories. There’s a mix of Golden Heart and SOLD! call stories (but not mine, since my GH call story is pretty boring).


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Shop early, shop often

If you have a writer in your life–and who doesn’t–check out Noodler Laron’s business, inspired gifts for writers:

Ninth Moon

So many pretty things. I like the women writers coasters, but … should I be setting my coffee cup on Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf? Oh, the moral dilemma.


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Over at the Noodlers today

I’m blogging today over at the Wet Noodle Posse, all about final round judging in the Golden Heart.

It was fun to research/write this blog. Although, honestly, all I did was ask the questions. Stephani Fry, Projects Coordinator for RWA, did all the work in answering.

In other news:

Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading: line-edits are in the (snail) mail, on their way to us (or rather, me) from our agent (!!!). I may have to take a picture. And post it. And yes, I am that geeky. Did you not see the title to the manuscript?

Other writing: 12,000 words and counting. No, I’m not doing National Novel Writing blah-blah-blah month. But it explains why this entry is short and why I might be a scarce for the next few days.


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Excuse me, have you seen my words?

Seriously? The blog entry topic choices are lacking these days. I have a word deficit, it would seem.

For instance, last night, we turned in Andrew’s football equipment (season 4 -3). Since, previously, The Season is On!!! I told him that now, The Season is Off!!! He disagreed, stating, that it’s the off season. If the season was off, that would mean it was canceled.

Touché, football boy.

Then there’s my partial ode, partial investigation into the Vanilla Bean Blended Crème at Starbucks. This drink contains no caffeine. And yet. My mood improves dramatically after I drink one. And it’s not a sugar rush/crash later deal either. I stay happy. I know it just can’t be the whipped cream, either.

So, you see my dilemma, of course. Does ignorance = bliss? Or do I dig deeper into this possibly unsavory phenomenon? I’m thinking this might require several trips to Starbucks in the near future.

In actual writing news:

The comments and entries are going strong over on the Wet Noodle Posse blog. Friday is question and answer day, so if you have a burning question about the Golden Heart (and who doesn’t), then stop. Also, each entry this week has an email link if you wish to submit a question.

I’ve been remiss in mentioning my article in this month’s posse ezine. The Before and After of Online Writing Classes is all about … wait for it … online writing classes. Let it never be said I didn’t do any promotion.


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