Over at the Noodlers today

I’m blogging today over at the Wet Noodle Posse, all about final round judging in the Golden Heart.

It was fun to research/write this blog. Although, honestly, all I did was ask the questions. Stephani Fry, Projects Coordinator for RWA, did all the work in answering.

In other news:

Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading: line-edits are in the (snail) mail, on their way to us (or rather, me) from our agent (!!!). I may have to take a picture. And post it. And yes, I am that geeky. Did you not see the title to the manuscript?

Other writing: 12,000 words and counting. No, I’m not doing National Novel Writing blah-blah-blah month. But it explains why this entry is short and why I might be a scarce for the next few days.


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4 responses to “Over at the Noodlers today

  1. Yay for GGG!!!!

    Yes, take pictures.

  2. Your article was REALLY helpful, as all the noodler’s GH posts have been (if a little overwhelming). I *think* I’ll be done with the Changeling partial tomorrow and I’m planning to send it your way, if you’re still open to reading it? Remember, I’m happy (delighted, in fact) to look at McKenna.

  3. darcy

    Hey Jen,

    If you want another set of eyes …


  4. Charity

    Jen, of course, send my way. Let me know when you want to mail it out, so I don’t get it back to you too late.

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