Pen name? Let me show you them

So, our agent (!!!) suggested Darcy and I should brainstorm a snappy name to write under, since most YA novels are published with a single author name on them. This, actually, was something we’d anticipated, so no surprises here.We didn’t anticipate that everyone would want to help.

Andrew came up with Morgan Meyers. He came up with other names, too, which I suspect are characters from the Transformers movie.

Bob thought up several he put in an email. Unfortunately, the email got caught in one of the many spam filters somewhere in the internets. Sadly, I never saw said email. Maybe this is just as well.

Kyra suggested: “Charity and Darcy likes each other.” This, while true, is difficult to file alphabetically.

We did think up a name, but we’ll keep it under wraps for now. (I know. The suspense.) We need to run it by our agent (!!!), plus, these things can and do change, so we don’t want to grow too attached, or be premature about it.

We do like it. I’m hoping it sticks.


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5 responses to “Pen name? Let me show you them

  1. I’m glad you guys are having so much fun with this! I love Kyra’s name, though.

  2. darcy

    I don’t know. I still think Seven of Nine has a nice ring to it 😉

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    You know my real name is hyphenated so my Agent and Editor came up with Patricia Wood (only part of my hyphenated name). I should have lobbied for a middle letter as “W”‘s are usually on the bottom shelf — so check out some bookstores and see where your letter is! I think they say K’s are good.
    You’ll need some way of proving who you are for drive by signings LOL! I have to open my book to the back and show my photo!

  4. An alter ego! How super cool! Am waiting with bated breath for its unveiling!

  5. Oh boy, this would keep my head spinning for days–I’d not be able to put my head to the pillow without names whirling about behind my eyelids.

    And the winner is: (trumpet blast, and drum roll)–And the envelope, please . . .

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