Team Milk-bone

So the other day I did the unthinkable. I went to Target and bought pajamas … for myself. That’s right. Sure, I bought some long sleeved shirts for the kids, but I neglected to buy them pajamas. I know. What was I thinking? (For some reason, I can always be talked into buying pajamas, toothbrushes, and books–I’d probably buy a complete stranger a pair of pajamas, a toothbrush, and a book if he/she asked.)

It didn’t help that these pajamas have dogs and milk-bones on them, like so:


I mean, who wouldn’t want a pair.

So, yesterday at Target, I found two more pairs, in the boys’ section (shh, don’t tell Kyra, but it’s the reason Andrew’s wearing them). Same exact pajamas, red, with dogs and milk-bones. I wondered if Andrew would want to wear the same pajamas as me. Kyra–she was all over that. Remember those mother-daughter Laura Ashley dresses? Well, let’s just say it’s probably a good thing there aren’t any of those stores around here.

But with Andrew, I wasn’t sure. I’ve crossed over that threshold and now have the power to embarrass. And like a small nuclear device, just the mention of using it gets a reaction.

But the pajamas? Just too cool. By the time we walked through the door last night, Andrew had dubbed us: Team Milk-bone. They changed into them before dinner.

I’m hoping they change out of them sometime today. Go Team Milk-bone.

Today I need to pick up my Thanksgiving-in-a-box. I know. The sacrilege. How my foodie friends even read this blog is beyond me. We informally priced it one year and figured Thanksgiving-in-a-box costs the same as buying all the ingredients and making it from scratch.

But here’s the beauty part: tomorrow, when everyone else is busy turning their kitchens into disaster areas, I’ll pop everything into the oven, go write for few hours, then take everything out of the oven.

Now that’s something to be thankful for.


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8 responses to “Team Milk-bone

  1. Go Team!

    Andrew is very, very clever. That boy will keep you on your toes…

    And, it’s only cheaper if you don’t go to the store the day after Thanksgiving and buy five or six turkeys for $10 in total and then throw them in your freezer for a year.

    Yes, I’ve just horrified said foodie friends. I had to do my part 🙂

  2. Kathy

    Go team Thanksgiving-in-a-box!

  3. Jenn

    Books and pajamas are the two things my husband thinks I have too many of, haha.
    And we’re eating *gasp* pizza for Thanksgiving dinner. We are staying home this year and Riley is not a meat eater so we figured we would get something everyone likes. For the record though, if I were making my own turkey dinner it would definitely be a Thanksgiving-in-a-box!

  4. I think turkey in a box is a lovely idea. If I didn’t like to cook, I’d be all over it! But I do, so I will. But I have an easy day, too, as my other cooking friends is joining me and we’re each just making a couple of things. So, it’s much, much easier.

    Go Team Milkbone!

  5. I am all about the cozy pjs 🙂

    And I’m with you on TG in a box. The ONLY way to do it!

  6. My daughter got me great pajamas with penquins on them for my b-day. They are nice and warm!

  7. M. and I once had rocket man pajamas. Sigh. I miss those pajamas. Team Milkbone, though, is pretty cool.

  8. Go Team, Go! Now I want some new PJ’s.

    I thought the whole dinner thing went well this year–we have to cook here and then truck it all over to my son’s home LOL–THAT is a bit of a drag on the day. But, for me, throwing the stuffed turkey in the roaster and letting it slow cook all day is NOT labor intensive. Thank God.

    I’ve done Turkey in a box for my mom when she was still in her home, and wasn’t coming up to our place for the holiday. She REALLY thought it was pure GENIUS! Me too.

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