About those line edits …

They are done–for now. In a marathon IM chat session (marathon = eight freaking hours), Darcy and I worked through all the line edits our agent sent us. And this with only a minimum amount of off-color humor and talk about elves (someday, we may be able to reveal all about the elves, but for now, strictly hush, hush).

I’m pretty sure about one in the afternoon, Darcy was wondering what she got herself into, having me as a writing partner. I was in serious complete the mission mode, even if we go down in flames and bring civilization-as-we-know-it along with us.

Sometimes I’m like that.

She also wondered how I managed an entire chat (and one so long) without a single:

Kids killing each other. brb

So, I thought I’d supply a visual:



The Marvelous Miss B spent most of the weekend next to me, working on her own projects and drawings. True, at one point, I was spelling words for her (she likes to write) and doing line edits. We refer to this as multi-tasking.

Those are star stickers on her face, by the way. At one point, I ended up with star stickers on my face. Andrew, who was on the phone, said to his friend, “I’m really glad you’re not at my house right now.”

And that was pretty much our weekend.


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2 responses to “About those line edits …

  1. If you’ve discovered a technique that allows you to work at home for eight hours at a stretch alongside a 5-year-old, I think you need to patent it. There’s untold wealth in that idea…. even if the 5-year-old ends up with star stickers on her face.

  2. LOL, I have to agree with Anno. And I loved Andrew’s comment!

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