White Thanksgiving

Yes, that’s right. We have snow. Maybe just a quarter of an inch, but it’s cold and it stuck. Kyra was very excited about this development, wanted to go outside, but thanks to one of our Thanksgiving traditions, she couldn’t.

 What’s that?

Someone getting sick. Poor Miss B woke up with a fever yesterday. This isn’t as bad as the year Andrew sprouted spots (chicken pox) on Thanksgiving Day.

Today, her fever was actually higher (pre-Motrin) and while she’s fairly perky, she hasn’t strayed from bed–that would be my bed, my side of it, which now has a lovely layer of cracker crumbs all over it. She’s been drawing pictures and making books all day long, and actually kicks me out of the room, because each picture and each book is a surprise.

In other Thanksgiving news, Anno has a thing against mashed potatoes. I’m still trying to work out how I feel about that. Marianne has a terrific cover for her latest story, Don’t Fence Me In. And stay tuned to the postings over at Jenn in MI–she grew up on the block where they inflated the balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


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4 responses to “White Thanksgiving

  1. I’m sorry to hear that Miss B. is sick. Somehow it doesn’t seem fair to miss the first snow. I hope she feels better soon.

    And…. my post drove you to find solace in a bed that was no longer available? And that, if available, was covered with cracker crumbs? I am sorry about that, too.

    I like mashed potatos just fine. It’s just that on Thanksgiving, I’d rather spend the calories on mushroom bread pudding, creamed spinach, green bean casserole (and handfuls of French’s fried onions snatched straight from the can), jalapeno-cheddar corn bread, cranberry sauce, and pecan pie…

  2. Anno… there are no calories on Thanksgiving!!!

    Poor Miss B. My DD is also ill. 😦

  3. Hope Miss B is feeling better, and hopefully she and the crumbs are out of your bed LOL. No fun being sick over a holiday.

    Mom is still here with us through Sunday–then I’ll get her back to the nursing home. She’s having a great time and working in as many desserts as physically possible–they don’t let her have much in the way of treats at the home, saying it’s about her health. Please . . . she’s 98, I think dessert is a non-health issue by this time, and that she should have whatever her heart desires! After-all, she made it this far choosing her own food 😉

    Prayers sent for your household, that you’re all up and feeling fine now.

  4. I hope Kyra’s feeling better. And that your bed is your own again.

    And I’m with Anno – mashed potatoes are fine, but I’d rather have those once-a-year treats.

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