How you got here

Here’s a few of the searches that brought people here: 

  • lots of writing about poor charity
  • Humpbacked lawyers

Seriously, people? What’s up with this. I’m pretty sure I’ve never blogged about lawyers, never mind those with humpbacks. And the other? My new motto: come for the (humpbacked) lawyers, stay for the self-pity.

In actual writing news, it looks like the Young Adult category for both the Golden Heart (unpublished) and the Rita (published) made their numbers. Every once in a while, I log into my RWA account and look at the contest entry page and gaze at my entries listed there. I know. I need a hobby.

Agent Donald Maass is letting you know what he’d like to see in a romance these days (I like the last one on the list–it’s a book I’d like to read, not necessarily write). Agent Nathan Bransford talks about December’s publishing coma. Agent Rachel Vater is getting back into blogging after switching agencies. She is already receiving queries for novels written during National Novel Writing Month. That would be last month. (Just reason 932 to hate NaNo. I’m still waiting for National Brain Surgery month. Think it will happen?)

And to end on a happy note, head on over to the Wet Noodle Posse blog. December is all about “The Call.” Mothers have birth stories, writers have call stories. There’s a mix of Golden Heart and SOLD! call stories (but not mine, since my GH call story is pretty boring).


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2 responses to “How you got here

  1. Oh, my NaNo hating friend…

    I lurve NaNo. Sorry. Although it took me 18 months to get my 2005 novel in decent enough shape to submit. Three weeks is a little on the quick side.


  2. Queries for submittable novels or queries from folks doing Nano for the first time and are now novelists? I’ll be glad to read her blog.

    Not that I’m even getting to my regular blogroll…

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