Boundless luck

From the boundless spam luck department:

Not only have I won the British National Lottery, again (I know. How lucky is that? Do you know when they’re going to send the money?), but, apparently, my loon application has been approved.


At long last, the loon is mine

I’m so psyched.


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3 responses to “Boundless luck

  1. I ❤ you.

    I needed a laugh that made me snort today.


    And… I thought I was the person who won that lottery… dang.

  2. Oh, man, nothing like having your loon approved. This is definitely Charity humor week. I love it!

    BTW… maybe you can use all your British lottery bucks on all the free vacations I win. You could travel all over the world and spend your lottery winnings…

  3. Oh, this is hysterical! Thanks — I needed this today!

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