‘enry the eighth

Courtesy of Marianne:

Sadly, the image doesn’t include the entire text about Katherine, which goes like this:

Katherine Parr spent nearly her whole life married to crotchety old men: Henry was the THIRD old fart she was forced to marry. Is it any wonder she turned to books and religion to occupy her time?

Katherine wasn’t just smart, she was a tiny bit uppity, too: she almost got herself thrown in jail for arguing with His Royal Fatness about some theological issues. After Henry croaked, Katherine dropped the prim and proper act and married Thomas Seymour, a handsome, dashing pirate kind of guy who was also as dumb as a post.

Which goes to show you that even bookworms know how to get it on.



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4 responses to “‘enry the eighth

  1. I’m Catherine of Aragon, which I find unbelievably depressing. I was hoping to skip the whole “which wife” thing and be discovered as Elizabeth, his daughter, instead.

  2. That is too funny. I’m going to have to play.

  3. I want to change and be Katherine with a K… :-/

  4. His Royal Fatness…too funny.

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