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So, I ran to the store this afternoon to do a little survival grocery shopping. I left Kyra by my computer desk, quite happily working on one of her paper projects. Give her a ream of my computer paper, crayons, scissors, and some tape, and she’ll go to town. In fact, I’ve said, “Wow, B, you’re going to town,” so many times, that now, she’ll glance up while working and ask: “Mommy, am I going to town?”

She’s made her own toolbox and tools out of paper, a paper baby and a paper baby carrier (along with rattle, bottle, and so on). I wasn’t sure exactly what she was after this time, but it looked cute. However, between the time I left for the grocery store and returned home, there was a meltdown of epic proportions.

Apparently, she was trying to make a paper stuffed animal. She had the front, and the back, and figured out the way to make sides. Then she put the whole thing together–inside out.

How this went from meltdown to Bob pulling out the sewing machine to make her a real stuffed animal, I still don’t know. But he did. And since you can’t make one child a stuffed animal without making the other one a stuffed animal, Andrew got one too. Kyra named her bear Buttons. Andrew named his manatee (we’re calling it a manatee at any rate) Dairy–because it’s a sea cow. The laughs, they never stop around here.


Dairy and Buttons


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3 responses to “Stuff that

  1. Dang, Bob sews WAY better than I do. Can I borrow him?

    LOL… they’re very cute 🙂

  2. Impressive! And very darling! I think you should keep him.

  3. Yeah, what I wouldn’t give for a man that sews (or cooks) (or cleans). I love that Kyra asks you if she’s going to town.

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