Sure signs of spring

Driving home from school last night, a cry rose from the backseat:

Mommy! The Dairy Queen! It’s open, it’s open, it’s open! Can we go? Turn, turn, turn!

Yes, it’s true. Our local, seasonal DQ is open for business. The kids, they want to go. Badly.

And today, instead of boots, I wore my new Chuck Taylor One Stars (in camouflage, of course).


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3 responses to “Sure signs of spring

  1. Oh, the DQ! We had our first one earlier this week… just before my daughter’s aerobics class. As she noted, “Mom, they’ll be closed afterwards.”

    I’m still in boots around here until all the mud goes away.

  2. Our local ice-creamery put up their sign yesterday: Opening March 22nd!!!


    Spring really is going to make it this year.

    But, like Anno, I am still in boots…we’re going from snow to slop.

  3. That’s so funny! That’s C’s first sign of “spring”, too. We had our first on Mar. 5 when it opened.

    And I’ve busted out my sneaks the last couple of days, too. I am soooooooo ready for this!

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