The strange things we do on a Wednesday evening

Andrew and Kyra first tried to catch a rabbit. Do you see a rabbit? Because I don’t.


Andrew was frustrated with Kyra’s lack of understanding of his (mostly confusing) hand and arm signals. Then we came inside and tossed my manuscript in the air. No. Really. We did.

Here’s proof:


Even the dog helped:


Don’t you wish this was your manuscript?


There is actually a reason behind all the insanity. It’s an exercise from Donald Maass’ Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. Tension on every page. The only way, according to Mr. Maass, to edit every page for tension is to do it out of order. I have no reason to doubt this. If nothing else, the kids had fun tossing the manuscript into the air.


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3 responses to “The strange things we do on a Wednesday evening

  1. Don’t think you’re going to get me off track with these adorable pictures of your kids and dogs… you’re not.

    Still waiting.

  2. Wow…the whole tossing the the manuscript into disorder looks very liberating…I may try it.

  3. I bet it doesn’t have quite the same effect if you toss your laptop into the air.

    Interesting exercise, though… C would probably get a kick out of it, too. Although I’m not letting the guinea pigs help.

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