Wow. I should take him up on that

From the SPAM files, too funny not to share.

I am Mr. Wang Hongzhang, Chief Disciplinary Officer, People’s Bank of China (PBC).I have an obscured business proposal of US$24.5million for you.
Please reach me promptly if interested.
Kind Regards,
Wang Hongzhang

One question: What is a Chief Disciplinary Officer, and what, pray tell, does a CDO (like the acronym?) do?

Oh, wait. According to Google, he exists. And you know Google is never wrong. So if he exists, and this email exists, then woo-baby, hand over the 24.5 million. Obscured or not.


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3 responses to “Wow. I should take him up on that

  1. Does anyone ever fall for that? “Hello, I’m a strange man. Here, have $24.5 Million. No really, take it!” If someone did that on the street, they wouldn’t fall for it.

  2. But whose 24.5 mill, his or is he proposing that you give him the 24.5?

  3. Woo hoo! You’re in the money, you’re in the money….


    PS. Still waiting…

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