Where I’m at

Sitting on the bleachers at our local high school gymnasium, waiting for the district-wide orchestra concert to start and surfing the ‘net on my Eee PC. No, I won’t actually surf during the concert, but last year we waited, and waited, and waited for it to start.

This year, we decided to tag team it since last time, Miss B nearly went insane. And normally, she’s very patient when it comes to watching Andrew’s various activities.

It’s noisy and chaotic, but the music is actually pretty good, for a 5 – 12 concert.

But truthfully, I’m just psyched I can log on and access the net. I’m thinking I could blog the Golden Heart and Rita finals this year with this thing.

See? The uses are endless.


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3 responses to “Where I’m at

  1. What’s an Eee PC?

    Gonna have to go Google….

  2. I was going to ask the same question as Marianne, lol. How’d you survive the concert? And poor Miss B. That’s a LONG time. Why do they have a 5 – 12 concert, rather than 5 – 8 and 9 – 12?

  3. Charity

    I’ll do a post on my new Eee PC. I’m really liking it.

    The concert *was* long, longer than last year’s, I think. It’s a district-wide concert and each group only plays one or two songs, and at the end, they all play Ode to Joy together. It’s to promote the music/orchestra program within our school district.

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