Lush (green, electronic) life

So, some people celebrate a sale with champagne and dinner out (well, we did go to Stinky Feet Burger King play place). We celebrate with small, electronic devices:

This is the Eee PC. Very small. Very light. And yes, I did ask for the “lush green” version. I was thinking maybe the blush pink, but Kyra is coveting that one (when she’s older, when she’s older, although she already knows the difference between a play PC and a real one).

I kept the Linux operation system on it. You can load XP. But. Meh. More trouble than it’s worth. The Eee PC comes with OpenOffice and that’s all I need for writing.

So far, the only drawback is the tiny keyboard. It’s even smaller than a Mobile Pro keyboard. And my biggest complaint about that is instead of right shift key, I kept hitting the up arrow key. But I’m training my fingers to use it. Of course, I have bony thin fingers, and that may make a difference.

Overall, it’s working very well. And if Stinky Feet Burger King play place had WiFi, I could log on there, too.


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5 responses to “Lush (green, electronic) life

  1. Ahh… so no more Mobile Pro for you? Moving up in the world with the Lush Green Eee PC?


    Thanks for answering.

  2. It’s certainly pretty! And nice way to celebrate.

  3. amyaddison

    Ooooh, pretty green! I like it. It’s got to be lighter than the laptop I’m carting around (but which has a nice 17″ screen so I can SEE things on it).

  4. Uh, sorry. This post prompted reverie, extensive web searches, long-winded discussions, and no small amount of lust, and I kind of forgot about commenting. What a great treat! Very cool! (And a linux machine too! Makes M. very happy!)

  5. I was seriously considering one of these, but worried about the keyboard. That’s my main complaint about the Alphasmart keyboard – not the size, but the stiff keys. So I ordered a refurbished iBook.

    And it’s got a pink skin!!!

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