Questions with easy answers, part 2

Salesperson: “Would you like to try a raspberry caramel Godiva chocolate?

Seriously. She had to ask? I contemplated ducking into a restroom, doing a presto-quick change of my look, and doubling back for seconds.


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5 responses to “Questions with easy answers, part 2

  1. Tell her you needed one for your mother. Then your sister. Um… an uncle? Your readers????

  2. Amy

    LOl! If only all questions had such easy answers!

  3. Free Godiva? Where are you at again? I’m getting in my car right now…

  4. How come I never find places with free Godiva chocolate? Today, they were giving away spinach ravioli at BJ’s, but it just wasn’t the same…

  5. I’m with Marianne… the last freebie I was offered was dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. And, no, it wasn’t the same. Not at all.

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