Of edits and things

So, some of you were wondering where I was that strangers hand me Godiva chocolates. It was lunch hour. I’d just mailed something at the post office, stopped at the ATM, and I was cutting through Macy’s. Because that’s easier than walking around Macy’s. Plus, when you walk through Macy’s, strangers hand you Godiva chocolate.

Then I went back to my desk and ate my PB&J and the banana I brought for lunch.

I have a short story up at The Long and the Short of It. it is absolutely, positively pure romance. It’s also very sweaty. You’ve been warned.

Darcy and I are working on edits. Actually, Darcy is making a sandwich. I’m supposed to be thinking about edits. Am I? Sure. I can think and type a blog entry at the same time. (Shhh. Don’t tell Darcy.)

As added incentive, our editor (!!!) sent us the cover concept today. Sadly, we can’t share it yet, but we may be able to as soon as later this month. But right now? It’s my desktop wallpaper.

And there’s something totally surreal about that.


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5 responses to “Of edits and things

  1. I like that term “very sweaty.” May I borrow that. People asked me about some scenes in my book, An Island Away, and I used the term “racy.” But I think that’s out of date. If it’s okay with you, I’ll adopt “sweaty.” Thanks from over at http://www.bentpage.wordprss.com. By the way, what’s wrong with people handing you Godiva chocolate?

  2. A COVER!!!!!!!!

    That makes it real somehow, doesn’t it?

    Can’t. Wait. To see it.

  3. Love the short story – I just had to drop by and tell you!

  4. I loved the short story, too. 😉 You must really be enjoying that wallpaper! It must be even better than Godiva chocolate.

  5. Amy

    Anyone handing out chocolates is clearly a saint.

    LOL on “it’s sweaty.” My kind of read.

    And wahoo on the cover! Very, very cool.

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