Say what?

I have great affection for puns, misheard lyrics, and unintentionally funny typos. Once, when I was working on an installation guide, I meant to write: It does not. What I wrote was:

It’s doe snot.

Yeah. It keeps you humble. Below is a video courtesy of SBTB.

I’ve always like the Joe Cocker version of this song better than the Beatles version. Sacrilege? Probably. At least now I know all the words. I love how into the song he is. Granted, in this video, evidence suggests he’s into several other things as well. Still. Dude rocks this song.

Kyra’s at that age where she interprets lyrics/words her own way. Her version of the pledge:

… one nation, under God, invisible

Not to mention the major confusion with “liberty and justice for all” since she had a preschool friend named Liberty and Andrew has a friend named Justice. You try explaining.

This year, at her summer program, she’s learning all sorts of old camp standards. You may remember this one:

Got this little piece of tin
Nobody knows what shape it’s in
Got four wheels and a running board
It’s a Ford, oh, it’s a Ford.

Here’s Kyra’s version:

Got this little piece of Tim …

Ah, yes. The young Hannibal Lecter attends summer camp. Good times.


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7 responses to “Say what?

  1. Abby

    Doe snot? Excellent. I would love to know the scenario where one would encounter doe snot.

    As you know, I am the queen of misunderstood lyrics. At one time of my life, it was because of my hearing. Now, it’s because I just don’t listen.

    The only example I can think of right now is for years I thought the song, ‘More than a Feeling’ by Boston was ‘Worn out Feeling’-until last year when Sean had to tell me the correct lyrics.

    Loved the Joe Cocker vid! Gotta agree with you on the Beatles version vs. Joe Cocker version. He really takes this song to another level.

    Glad to hear Kyra is learning the camp standards! We’ll have to have a sing along when she is here.

  2. Amy

    ROFL at Doe Snot at “Little Piece of Tim.”

    Best part of the video? The air guitar.

  3. I’ve heard a doe snort. Does that count? Also, we seem to be dealing with some dog snot these days.

    Love Kyra’s “little piece of Tim.” Am looking forward to hearing her versions of other camp songs…

  4. I love his rendition of “Baby Wrote Me a Letter,” too. And I agree about this one, too.

    My fave of C’s at Kyra’s age was the old Moby piece: “I’m Gonna Praise You Like I Do” became “I’m Gonna Phrase You Like a Shoe”.

    I always wanted to rewrite that song, using C’s premise. 😉

  5. Amazing the way a child’s mind works. I can still remember a few of my creative versions of song lyrics.

    I really liked the short story from your previous post.

  6. I loved this! My boys have their own versions of songs, but they usually do it on purpose. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I’ll be sure to pass them along… LOL

  7. Ok I have to add my BIG faux pas’.

    I Always sign my post…
    Angel always…godspeed.

    but AFTER I clicked send and reread what I had sent…
    it said “Godpeed”

    Sure glad it wasn’t to my minister!

    Angel always
    godspeed… 😀

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