Take a YA vacation

Not going anywhere this summer? Need a good summer read? Have I got the books for you:

Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes

Here’s the deal: Aunt Peg, the New York artist and the person Ginny Blackstone depended on to make her life interesting, took off to Europe without a word three years ago. Aside from a few postcards, Ginny hasn’t heard much. Then she gets a horrible phone call that changes everything.

But the story is only beginning. Soon after, Ginny receives one little blue envelope from Aunt Peg containing a thousand dollars and some very strange instructions…

Maureen really captures what it’s like to be young, American, and in Europe–exciting, scary, and lonely.

Girl at Sea

This is the summer Clio has waited for her whole life. School is out. She’s gotten a great job. And she’s just met the guy of her dreams. Things could not be better.

It’s about time something remotely normal happened to her. Named after the muse of history, quasi-famous at eleven for making a board game with her father, touring the world in questionable style at twelve… it’s been an odd journey so far. Some of it sounds good on paper. Lots of things sound good on paper. It doesn’t mean they actually are…

Another travel story, only this time, mostly on a boat–with jellyfish (well, technically, the jellyfish aren’t on the boat). Anyway, this books is nominated for a Rita this year (and how excited am I that the YA category received enough entries to be viable–very).

Suite Scarlett

The Hopewell Hotel is small Art Deco “jewelbox” in New York City. The hotel has a grand past, but a somewhat dusty and broken present, with pigeons breaking into the rooms, chandeliers with more cobweb than glass, and constantly exploding toilets. Guests are rare, but it does have one constant set of inhabitants… the Martin family.

Scarlett Marin is the third of the four Martins. Scarlett is fifteen, blonde, and broke. Her friends are gone for the summer. And she’s got this one curl that exists just to stab her in the eye and blind her. Welcome to her life…

No traveling for the main character this time, but home is in New York, in a hotel, so it’s like a vacation for you. This one is the start of a series. Maureen did a great job bringing the story to a conclusion while still leaving enough threads open for the sequel.

* * *

As for me, I’ve been pondering my wardrobe dilemma. The recommended conference wear is “business casual.” Okay, I work for a software company. Most days, I wear jeans and my Chuck Taylors to work. Any business casual I might own is several years old–and looks it.

I do have some cute capris I can wear that I can dress up with some cute jackets. Thing is, I hate sandals. I never get pedicures (yeah, I know, you’re surprised). I don’t want to pack extra shoes, so I’m thinking …. I’m thinking … of just wearing the Chucks. Anyone asks, I’ll tell them I got a foot condition.

Actually, I’ll tell them I hate sandals and see no point in ruining my feet.


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5 responses to “Take a YA vacation

  1. Oh man… those all sound really good! Adding them to my list. YA have provided the best reads for me lately…

    Have fun at conference!

  2. darcy

    You already know this but, in my family we think Chucks are ALWAYS appropriate. Have FUN!

  3. These do sound like fun.

    Personally, Chucks sound just fine to me. But then, I live on a farm.

    FWIW, a friend of mine is an executive at Coca Cola who always wears Chucks. Has them in all colors…

  4. But, just in case you are interested in sandals that look good but don’t destroy your feet, you might look at Wolkys and Beautifeel. And they don’t take up much room in the carry-on.

  5. Abby

    Don’t worry-San Francisco is notoriously casual. However, you will be close to a huge shopping center and can always make a quick purchase if need be. Or you can borrow something from me (if we have the same shoe size, of course).

    I like aerosoles for more formal wear and they are comfortable. Plus there is often a pair for sale at Marshal’s, so they are cheap too.

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