Behold, the published author!

No, not me, but Andrew:

We sent his “Funny in the Blank” into MadKids back in June and it now appears in the September issue. His is the one on the left hand side just below the dialogue bubble and it says:

I’d like to give a special shout out to Yogi Bear!

(Click on the image if you want to see a larger size.)

Yes, he thought of it himself (I’m not that funny). And yes, it’s entirely possible I’m way more excited about this than he is. I haven’t made it into a magazine with that kind of national circulation. I don’t understand why no one else finds that as exciting as I do. Hey, navigating the slush pile of a national magazine is no small task.

Although I think he is more excited than he’ll let on: he wants to show his best friends this weekend. And when he brought the magazine inside, he whipped through those pages pretty quickly looking for this one.

Yeah. I’d say he’s excited too.


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6 responses to “Behold, the published author!

  1. LOL… good for HIM! Woot!


  2. I think it’s AWESOME! I would probably have it framed if it was mine, haha.

  3. Awesome! A great start to a life full of writing I’m sure.

  4. darcy

    Next stop … Woman’s World!!!!

  5. It’s a cool summer for the whole family!

  6. Yay Andrew! And very funny.

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