Rooms with view

The view from my hotel window. Nice, no? You can’t really see it, but in the lower left of the photo, there’s a rooftop with a garden.

While waiting for that room with a view, we wandered over to the Metreon, which is right next door to the Marriott. This is Andrew in the arcade area of the Metreon. I think I’ve mentioned is claw machine affection, not to mention his mad claw machine skillz (he once won a Game-Boy). The arcade at the Metreon devotes one huge room to claw machines. Just how big? 

Here’s one half of the room. There was more. A lot more. 

Andrew’s comment: “Now I know what heaven looks like.”

In other views, Lee McKenzie posted a picture of the Noodlers at the Golden Network reception. I’m the geeky one (on the right) in front holding my “boot out” certificate (kind of like I’m not quite sure what to do with it). I’m totally rocking that farmer’s tan too.


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4 responses to “Rooms with view

  1. Jenn

    That IS a great view!
    I love it when you write down things that Andrew says – he is HILARIOUS.

  2. Andrew seriously cracks me up.

    Glad you got the “boot”! Woot!


  3. Beautiful view of a beautiful city! Congrats again, Charity, on getting “the boot!”

  4. That boot out must have felt wonderful! I’m way impressed that Andrew got a game boy. He does have mad skillz with a claw.

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